September 22, 2021

Announcement: Expired credit cards will be deleted

Thank you for your continued patronage of DLsite.
This is an announcement for those who have registered a credit card on DLsite.

As a measure to ensure security and privacy, we will delete all registered credit cards that have already expired and are no longer valid for use.

Please feel assured that this measure does not affect customers who have a valid credit card registered on DLsite.
As this measure will only affect credit card information, all customers can continue to use DLsite without any problems.

Affected Customers
Those who have a registered credit card on DLsite, which expired on or before July 2021
Note: Credit cards that expire on August 2021 or later will not be deleted.

The deletion will take place around October 5th.

Please note that your credit card information is handled and stored by [ DG Financial Technology, Inc. ] , one of DLsite's payment agencies.
This measure aims to remove expired credit card information from all registered credit cards stored by DG Financial Technology, Inc.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of the circumstances. We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us on DLsite!

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