July 12, 2021

[Important] End of support for DLsite English (SFE) service account matters.

Thank you for your continued support of DLsite.

This notification contains important information for previous customers of our "DLsite English" service and we recommend such customers read this article thoroughly.

As you should all be aware by now, the "DLsite English" service was closed on [March 15th, 2021] and merged into "DLsite." As part of the merger, customer purchase history was transferred from "DLsite English" (SFE) [service accounts] to "DLsite" (SFT) [service accounts].

This process itself was successful and our international English audience can now enjoy our DLsite service with their purchase history from DLsite English intact. With that said, there are some possible scenarios where customer purchase history may not have been completely transferred and to identify / correct such cases, we require customers to come forth and contact us via English DLsite Help page.

Please note however that...
We will be ending support for DLsite English (SFE) service account matters on [October 15th, 2021].
As such, if you are a previous customer of DLsite English, and purchases you made via DLsite English (for products which are still available on the website) are missing from your DLsite purchase history... please contact us before the end-of-support date.
[October 15th, 2021]
End of Support for DLsite English (SFE) service account matters.

* Note: All identifying data / personal information (e.g. email addresses, birthdates, phone numbers, etc.) associated with purchases made on DLsite English will be eradicated from our databases and it will thus be impossible to provide support for any untransferred purchases after the above date.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of the circumstances, apologize for the inconvenience this may be (for affected parties) and hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us on DLsite!

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