New Feature

April 25, 2017

About additional payment option (BitCash)

Thank you for shopping with DLsite!

We are glad to announce you that you can now purchase DLsite points using BitCash on the English website.
BitCash is a major prepaid digital cash in Japan, and available at convenience stores or online if you reside in Japan.

Please note:

  • BitCash payment is available only for the purchase of points.
  • You will need a 16 character hiragana ID to make payment. As this ID is uses Japanese syllabary you will require a system environment that allows the input or copying & pasting of Japanese language characters.

You can purchase points via [ Buy Points ] on My Page. For more details about payment by points, please refer to [ About Points ]

The introduction of this new payment option is aiming to offer you better service.
We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

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