New Feature

May 26, 2015

DLsite Play: stream doujin on your browser!

Thank you for using DLsite!

We are glad to introduce our new service "DLsite Play"!

What is DLsite Play?

DLsite Play offers an instant viewing of e-books, doujinshi and audio works in browser on a PC, smartphone or tablet PC.

You can buy and view products right away in a browser without downloading and extracting zipped files. You can of course download and view them the traditional way.

What are the characteristics?

  • For Windows / Mac / iOS / Android
  • No need to install; buy a product and start viewing instantly
  • Optimized for browsers; smooth browsing on smart mobile devices
  • Compatible with doujinshi, CG collections, vocal works and musical works (Copy-controlled works are currently not supported.)

Please check the following page for more details!
[ DLsite Play ]

DLsite Play is created based on the concept of "more convenience and enjoyment to the world of doujin".
We continue to make the service even better for you. Please look forward to it!

If you have opinions and requests about features, design, service, etc. of DLsite, please don't hesitate to send us a message via [ Opinion Box ].

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