August 01, 2016

Download of the discontinued items

Thank you for shopping with DLsite!

We are glad to announce you that we are going to change our policy of discontinued products.

Traditionally, you can no longer download the products whose sale is discontinued upon a circle's request. From now on, you can download and view products whose sale is ended in 2016 and later unless the circle who created them does not cancel their account at DLsite. (with the exception of items upon circle's request.)

* You can set your preferences to receive email notifications when a product is soon to be no longer downloadable in End of sale / Re-download / Upgrade settings of [ Notification Preferences ].

We would like to remind you that only DLsite members are eligible for unlimited download access to the purchased items. Consider creating an account with us if you haven't yet!

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

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