New Feature

April 22, 2020

Shopping Cart Renewal

Thank you for using DLsite English.

We are glad to announce you that we have updated our shopping cart page.

Major changes are as follows:

  • Added Save for later feature
  • Points/coupons/payment method options are no longer available on the cart page; you can modify these options on the order confirmation page
  • Your payment method choice will be automatically saved for your next purchase

About Save for later feature

The Save for later feature let you save items you do not purchase immediately in the cart. This feature corresponds to ticks in the Buy now column of the former cart.
Items you transferred to Save for later can be moved back to cart or move to My Favorites at any time.
You can save up to 100 items in your cart, including items in Save for later. We hope you make use of this feature.

Please not that, upon this renewal, ticked items in the former cart remain in your cart while unticked items are transferred to Save for later section.

We believe this change will improve your shopping experience on our website.
We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

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