New Feature

August 26, 2014

New Page: DLsite Official Translation

Thank you for shopping with DLsite English!

This year, DLsite started offering professional translation service for all DLsite registered circles.
We are glad that it is used at a good rate, and we adopted a new icon "DLsite Trans" as a mark of guaranteed quality of the translated works through this service.

And today, we are proudly introducing a new page optimized to browse works in English: DLsite Official Translation !

If you are looking for products in English, please make use of this page to find new releases and bestselling titles.

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

Please note that DLsite Official Translation is the service to support circles who wish to publish their works in English. As the circle need to take the initiative for this service, if you see a product you want to see in English at DLsite, please contact the circle directly.

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