February 15, 2024

[Important] Regarding the Upcoming AI-Generated Section

Thank you for using DLsite.

DLsite has decided to establish a new AI-generated section.
With the exception of otome works and smartphone games, we will resume the handling of all AI-generated manga, CG/illustrations, and other AI-generated works in this section.

The AI-generated section will be released in the near future. We will send another notification once it's ready.

*The AI-generated section will be its own unique retail section, just like the other existing sections.
*Once AI-generated otome works and smartphone games are ready, they'll be moved to the AI-generated section as well.
*As for works that are only partially AI-generated, they will be sold in the doujin section (and other sections), the same as before.

Furthermore, product announcements for AI-generated works will no longer be published.
All current product announcement pages will be suspended upon the creation of the AI-generated section.
Please be aware that if you have any such works in your favorites list, they'll be removed from the list when the section is created as well.

DLsite will continue to provide easy-to-use services for circles and users in accordance with the situation surrounding AI generation.

Thank you for your continued support of DLsite.

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