February 16, 2021

[Important] DLsite English will be merging with the multilingual DLsite for a more convenient user experience.

Thank you for your continued support of DLsite.

This notification contains important information regarding upcoming changes to your “DLsite English” (SFE) [service account] and we recommend that you read it thoroughly.

We will be ending support for DLsite English (SFE) service account matters on [October 15th, 2021].
For more details please refer to [ this announcement ].

Since its inception in 2004, we have been operating the “DLsite English” website as a separate retail section which functions independently of “DLsite.” However, now that the doujin, commercial manga, commercial game, and female-oriented retail sections (here forth collectively referred to as DLsite) have been translated into English, and the number of English-speaking users accessing “DLsite” is increasing, we will be closing down “DLsite English” on the [March 15th, 2021] and merging it with “DLsite.”

Information about the migration process is as follows.
(All times are displayed in JST. Specific times will be provided closer to the date.)

  • March 15th (AM): New user registration of “DLsite English” (SFE) [service accounts] will end.
  • March 15th (PM): All functionality on “DLsite English” will cease, and a maintenance message will be displayed.
  • March 16th (Early AM): All functionality on “DLsite” will be cease and a maintenance message will be displayed.
  • March 16th (AM): The maintenance message on “DLsite” will be removed. (And the site merger procedure completed.)
    -> The migration of “DLsite English” (SFE) [service accounts] to “DLsite” will be complete and customers will become capable of accessing their “DLsite English” purchases via “DLsite” instead.
  • March 16th (Early PM): The maintenance message on “DLsite English” will be removed and anyone subsequently accessing “DLsite English” will be redirected to the equivalent page on “DLsite.”

Please rest assured that all existing “DLsite English” purchases will be transferred to “DLsite,” so you will not lose access to any product that shares the same work ID (RJ###### / RE######) and is available on both “DLsite” and “DLsite English.” The transfer includes any purchases of points, so your existing point balance will not be lost.
If you were not already using “DLsite,” then after the site merger, you will gain access to a wider variety of products. We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy what we have to offer even more!

Provided below are further details regarding the migration process.

1)“DLsite English” service account user data will be transferred to “DLsite”

a) For users who do not already have a “DLsite” (SFT) [service account] in the same [DLsite Account] = Login ID as their “DLsite English” (SFE) [service account]:

▶A “DLsite” (SFT) [service account] will automatically be created and their “DLsite English” (SFE) [service account]’s purchase history will be transferred to it.

b) For users who do already have the above...

▶Their “DLsite English” (SFE) [service account]’s purchase history will be transferred to the already existing “DLsite” (SFT) [service account] associated with the same [DLsite Account] = Login ID.

c) For users who have their “DLsite” and “DLsite English” [service accounts] associated with different [DLsite Accounts] = Login IDs...

▶ You can transfer [service accounts] from one [DLsite Account] to another, [ here ]. We recommend doing so, because it is more convenient to have all your [service accounts] (e.g. DLsite, Ci-en, NijiGAMEs, etc.) accessible with one Login ID and one Password. It is not possible to merge one “DLsite” [service account] into another “DLsite” [service account], so the upcoming “DLsite English” (SFE) > “DLsite” (SFT) [service account] merger will be a one-off, one-of-a-kind event.

2) The following will be automatically transferred from your “DLsite English" (SFE) [service account] to your “DLsite” [service account] as part of the merger:

a) Purchase history

▶ Works will become available in your “DLsite” My Page: Purchase History and DLsite Play to download and view / stream (where applicable).

▶ The purchase history of works which can no longer be downloaded on “DLsite English” will not be transferred, and thus no longer appear in “Purchase History.”

b) DLsite points

c) Registered credit card information

▶Credit card information will only be transferred if (i) there is credit card information registered to your “DLsite English” (SFE) [service account] and (ii) there is no credit card information registered in an existing “DLsite” (SFT) [service account] associated with the same [DLsite Account] = Login ID.

▶If there is already credit card information registered to such a “DLsite” (SFT) [service account], it will remain as is and not be overwritten.

d) Favorites and Follow List information

▶Saved Search Conditions will not be transferred.

e) Reviews

▶Existing reviews will be transferred to “DLsite,” but submitting new reviews in English and other non-Japanese languages will temporarily become unavailable. (We will make this feature available for non-Japanese languages as soon as possible.)

f) Ratings

g) Newsletter settings.

▶Your preference of whether to receive notifications via email will be transferred.

▶Coupon emails will be in English; however, some emails may be in Japanese. This will be fixed as soon as possible, so that you only receive English emails. 

▶If you wish to stop receiving emails, please click [ here ].

3) Regarding Payment Methods on “DLsite”

Payment methods which were available on “DLsite English” will also be available on “DLsite” via the DLPay service. You can purchase serial codes via this service and convert those codes into points at “DLsite” via “My Page” : “Serial Code Input”
For details, please check [ Purchase Points ] under [ My Page ] on DLsite.

4) Regarding the DLsite Affiliate Service

If you are an affiliate, please rest assured that you will be able to continue using any affiliate IDs currently associated with your “DLsite English” (SFE) [service account]. These IDs will be carried over to “DLsite” as part of the merger and the same payment methods as currently will remain available to you.

◆The language switching feature on “DLsite” is complete, so URLs issued from an affiliate ID associated with a “DLsite” (SFT) [service account], can now be used for audiences from several language spheres. (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.)

◆However, please be aware that any URLs created via the “DLsite English” affiliate interface and / or leading to “DLsite English” will no longer work as intended. Any links to “DLsite English” will redirect to “DLsite,” but the affiliate data will no longer be measured by the affiliate system. As such, we ask that you please replace old “DLsite English” affiliate links with new “DLsite” ones in preparation for the change. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be and ask you for your understanding.

◆If you are confused regarding what to do specifically, what the correct link format for “DLsite” is, or how to use the affiliate interface on “DLsite,” please contact our support helpdesk right away and we will guide you.

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